1. I am humbled by your enthuism and wonderful words toward one of the most colorful characters of the age. My husband and best friend del rio dan.

    You gave it DRAMA!

    May it be added to your Share In Paradise!

    (mrs delriodan)


  2. I am an old old friend of Dan’s, a new new friend of Joy’s and I knew Rob well before he died. Thanks, Dan. A unique and beautiful tribute.


  3. I am one of DAN’S daughters and Joy is my HEART! I knew that My DAD would ONE DAY MAKE IT,He deserves so much in his kife,has worked so hard to make something BIG out of HIS BAD ASS ART that He does,He has been everywhere and done so much in his time,and People to this day come up and ask me”MCCOLLOUGH “is your last name?I say YES..THEY ARE AMAZED IM DEL RIO DAN”S DAUGHTER! And I remember Rob,USe to jam with me and my mom Leslie,And Dan will make sure he LIVES ON….THANKS FOR MAKING MY DADS dreams ,and Joys come true,hopefully THERE WILL BE SO MUCH MORE TO COME…LOVE,MICHELLE MCCOLLOUGH-DAUGHTER OF DEL RIO DAN



    Dan is a true American original and one of the last survivors of an era that brought us all what we wish was happening now. What do I mean? REAL CHANGE and REAL TALENT to show the way… Dan has always been on the cutting edge as a painter, a writer and a TRUE friend.
    I’m a song writer and even co-painted one of Dan’s paintings done on my home wall in 1972… this painting hangs in my brother’s apartment. Recently, I reconnected with Dan and sent him some music he had not heard of mine.
    I wrote a song entitled DEL RIO DAN on the Everly Brother’s Album “Stories We Could Tell” and this song was the beginning of a long friendship with Dan and I. This Everly Brothers version of the Del Rio Song was produced by Legendary Producer Paul Rothchild, producer of the Doors, Clear Light, Janis Joplin and so many other icon talents. The name DEL RIO DAN existed before the song but was stamped in vinyl history by the Everly Brothers.
    I played 12 String guitar on that album with the most amazing group of musicians ever… Look it up and see for yourself.
    Dan has been painting some new paintings of other songs of mine I’ve sent him that eventually will all be in a movie about Dan’s life and travels.
    He is one hell of a story teller and truly an uncommon common man as he states. THE REAL DEAL!
    Oh, if Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda ever got a hold of Dan’s writing and this music that goes with the stories only Dan can tell.


    Jeff Kent
    Musical Journalist, Songwriter, Producer, Recording Artist, Photographer and loyal friend.


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