Overnight Homework: Haiti Coverage Analysis

Here’s your five-point, one-page homework assignment, due at the beginning of Friday’s lab at 1 p.m. Aim for about 250 words.

Find a news site that is covering the Haiti crisis and assess its coverage based on the Four Pillars of Web News:

  • Immediacy/Urgency.
  • Is the site on top of the latest news? How frequently are updates posted? How are updates indicated on the site?

  • Non-linear News Presentation.
  • Is the reader empowered with options to experience the story in whatever form he/she wants, in whatever order he/she wants?

  • Reader Interactivity.
  • Does the site give its readers/viewers a voice? How can readers contribute to the story and its surrounding conversation?

  • Multi-platform content.
  • How compelling and effective is the site’s multimedia content? How would you assess its quality?

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