Sample Audio Lab

The goal of our audio gathering/editing lab exercise is to produce a short audio clip of 30 to 45 seconds that tells a coherent story. Here’s an example from recent grad Laura Rowe, who visited an SMU isotope lab:

Below, I’ve outlined the structure Laura used when she edited her story. It veers slightly from the structure I’ve asked you to follow in this lab, but it deftly weaves together 1) nat sound 2) voiceover and 3) interview.

LAURA’S STRUCTURE: Nat Sound >> Voiceover >> Interview >> More Voiceover >> Closing Nat Sound

When you’re ready to upload your nat sound, VO and interview clips from your Zoom recorder to your computer, here’s a YouTube tutorial that shows you exactly how to do it. Next week, you’ll use GarageBand to edit your three clips into an NPR-worthy masterpiece!

P.S. Looking for some tips on voiceovers? Here’s a great tutorial from the Knight Digital Media Center.

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