Links/Homework/Readings, Aug. 25 (Class 1.2)

Today we’re talking Web 2.0 — what it means, and how certain examples show what Web 2.0 is all about. We’ll discuss the four pillars of Web news, starting with non-linear news presentation.  We’ll also look at a couple of college journalism programs that are doing it right and some niche sites that are flourishing because they bring together communities.

HOMEWORK FOR TUESDAY (5 points):  Find a site that is covering the political upheaval in Libya or Syria and rate its coverage based on 1) immediacy and urgency; 2) non-linear news presentation; 3) reader interactivity; and 4) “platform-agnostic” multimedia content. Rate the coverage however you like; you can break it up into sections with subheads and bullet points and numerical rankings on a 1-to-5 scale, or you can write in a more fluid essay style. One page, 250 words or less. Bring to class Tuesday.

READINGS FOR TUESDAY: Briggs Ch. 1 – Web basics (9-13), FTP (21-22); Briggs Ch. 11 – Analytics (310-21), SEO and profile of Tech Innovator Dale Steinke (321-30).

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