And the winners are …

Why have a Twitpic contest? To reinforce the idea that if you have a cell phone in your pocket, you can commit an act of journalism anywhere, anytime.

Just ask:

  • @jkrums, a.k.a. “Miracle on the Hudson Guy” Janis Krums.
  • SMU Journalism ’09 grad Holly Roberts, whose cell phone shot of President Bush’s first campus visit after leaving office made the rounds in the national blogosphere and drew praise from a Dallas Morning News editor.
  • Or SMU Journalism ’11 grad Meredith Shamburger, who constantly snapped Twitpics during her coverage of Hurricane Irene in upstate New York over the weekend.
  • You are hereby expected to pounce on breaking news! If news breaks on or near campus this semester, I expect #j2380 students to be all over it — post Twitpics and alert your classmates at The Daily Campus!

    Drumroll please …

    Here are the finalists for Newsiest Twitpic and Most Creative Twitpic.

    And here are the judge’s comments explaining the rationale for selecting the Newsiest and Most Creative winners.

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