#SMUvTCU Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Epilogue: Here is the Storified recap of our wildly successful scavenger hunt. Storify even featured it on its home page as one of the four best stories of that day — worldwide. NBD.

From Thursday through Sunday, in the spirit of the SMU-TCU football rivalry, we’ll be locking horns with TCU Journalism Prof. Chip Stewart’s (@MediaLawProf) students for a Twitter Scavenger Hunt. Many thanks to Dr. Carrie Brown-Smith (@brizzyc) of the University of Memphis for inspiring this assignment. Some tips:

  • Think like a reporter. Have an eagle eye for the interesting, the important, the relevant, the unique and the immediate. Double check your facts.
  • Think like a public relations professional. Show other people what’s cool about SMU.
  • Think like a storyteller. You may only have 140 characters in each tweet, but you can say a lot in a few words or using an image.
  • You may use more than one tweet for each of the items below. Don’t overdo it, though. Less is more. **DO NOT FORGET THE HASHTAG #SMUvTCU**
  • You will want to offer an introductory tweet or two explaining what you are doing and introducing your partner. You may use either of your accounts or both. It doesn’t matter, as we are using the hashtag #SMUvTCU to organize the tweets.
  • Why are we doing this? A good tweeter is a careful observer who ALWAYS has an eye open for novel and important information that might be relevant to your audience. He or she does bring personal perspective and voice, but is always thinking about the audience and what its needs are. This is good practice.
  • 1. School spirit! Photo and quote from someone (not you or your partner) revealing school spirit (what exactly that means is up to you).
    2. Photo and quote of someone (not you or partner) at your favorite eating spot on/near campus.
    3. Professor on the street. Photo and quote from a professor on campus. What’s their prediction for the game? Be sure you include the professor’s title and department.
    4. Student on the street. Photo and quote from a student. Ask them how they plan to follow the game on Saturday (In person? On TV? Social media?) Can’t be a friend. Be sure you include their year in school and major.
    5. Academic excellence. Photo and comment/tweet that reveals (you are going to have to be creative) how SMU contributes to cutting edge research and/or learning.
    6. Scenic spot. Photo of your favorite scenic spot on campus.
    7. Little-known fact. Photo and comment/tweet of something you think many people might not know about SMU or our campus, even some of those of us that go to school here.
    8. Game Day. Shot capturing some aspect of the SMU-TCU game day experience (or lack thereof) posted between noon and 6 p.m. on Saturday.
    9. Photo of you and a photo of your partner in your favorite spot on campus.
    10. Extracurricular extravaganza: Photo and comment/tweet that exemplifies some of the huge variety of clubs, organizations, etc., available to students at our university.

    Winners in each category (and prizes!!) will be announced next week.

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