Guest speaker: Nathan Hunsinger

On Thursday during lab, we’ll visit with Dallas Morning News staff photographer and videographer Nathan Hunsinger, who will share his tips on the art of telling multimedia stories without voiceover. I encourage you to read this profile of Nathan that Sydney Giesey wrote last semester for my Technology Reporting class. We’ll also watch a couple of Nathan’s recent pieces, including a singing high school football team and a flag retirement ceremony.

Here’s Nathan’s bio:

Nathan Hunsinger went to school at UNT to study art, advertising, marketing and eventually journalism, which landed him a job at The Lewisville News. He spent his first six years at The Dallas Morning News as an all assignments photographer. For the last four years, he has been one of the two full-time videographers on staff. He covers everything from press conferences to zombie walks, never knowing what is in store for tomorrow. His main goal is to tell a story from the eyes of the participants, allowing the audience to be part of a shared reality. He has won two Lone Star Emmys for his efforts.

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