Playlist Team: On The Record

By Cody Beavers, Jehadu Abshiro, Chris Warley, Maria Cross, Courtney Madden and Paige Kerley

We’re starting our playlist off with Three Day’s Grace’s “Are You Ready” and The Black Keys’ “Fever,” which are inspired by lawmakers meeting to scrutinize hospitals’ readiness levels after the botched Ebola handling.

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are withholding $75 million from private hospitals in the state. The money that’s being held is supposed to have been reimbursed to private hospitals for care that they provided to poor patients, so we have “Sabotage” by The Beastie Boys.

We thought that “If I Were To Lie” by Bear In Heaven would be appropriate with a Texas parole commissioner that has been falsifying records.

In the Texas governor’s race, Attorney General Greg Abbott has raised significantly more money than his opponent, Senator Wendy Davis. Because we know that campaign fundraising can often predict election outcomes, we chose Kid Ink’s “Money and the Power.” Wendy Davis kicked off campaign events at University of Texas at Austin yesterday in an effort to catch up in the polls with her opponent Greg Abbott, so we chose “There She Goes” by The Law’s.

Federal appellate judges ruled that Texas could enforce a law that would have some women turning to their doctors instead of abortion clinics like Crash Vegas’ Michelle McAdorey sings about in “Clinic.”

With the price of higher education on the rise, all public universities in Texas were required to introduce a fixed-rate plan to its students this fall semester. Students who chose a payment plan were guaranteed a particular rate for four years. With that, we have Sam Smith’s “Money On My Mind.”

Uber and Lyft drivers are rallying in Austin as the city council contemplates allowing the two companies to operate. These “Chariots” (by Gavin DeGraw) began their services in Austin in May, but were technically not allowed to do so. Although the council approved a temporary ordinance, the debates will continue.

Loving County, the least populated county in the lower 48 states, uses a public water supply system. With growth of the county and Permian Basin’s flourishing oil & gas industry they will need more water. So, “Water” by Brad Paisley, because who wouldn’t love an overabundance of water to splash everywhere!

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