Playlist Team: DJ BATSELL


1. Ted Cruz says accepting Muslim Syrian refugees is “crazy.” Among those refugees could be a number of ISIS terrorists. It is not confirmed that there are in fact ISIS members among the refugees but it is possible that they will try to infiltrate it.

2. From 2013-2015, 97 earthquakes have hit North Texas. Scientists expect to have a network of seismographs up and running sometime next year to help determine what’s happening under the surface in the North Texas area, according to an article in the Star-Telegram.

3. Amtrak tweets on October 5th that no life-threatening injuries have been reported following the derailment of Train 55 in Vermont. A Times Argus photographer said the train’s locomotive had tumbled over an embankment along with two passenger cars and was damaged and resting against some trees. A third passenger car was sitting diagonally across the track, according to WFAA article.

4. A project called CityMAP has gathered planners for a vision of a future for downtown Dallas. The aging highways need a makeover to continue to connect public urban spaces and spur new neighborhood developments, developments and job center.

5. The NCAA has hit Southern Methodist University men’s basketball team with severe sanctions for misconduct. Head Coach Larry Brown has been suspended for 30 percent of this season’s games and the team has been disqualified for post-season play. Sanctions have also been placed on SMU men’s golf team. Read more at SMU’s Daily Campus.

6. Forget about that summer bod – The State Fair of Texas will have you “All About That Bass.”

7. With energy demand only predicted to rise each year, the search is ongoing for more places to power up. North Texas generates nearly 80 units across the state and nearly 40 more will be a part of the system next year.

8. More than a dozen dams have burst across the state of South Carolina. Some of the breaches forced officials to evacuate neighborhoods. A solid week of rainfall has sent nearly 1,000 people to shelters, and left about 40,000 without drinkable water. Listen to “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias.

9. “Baby theres a Shark in the Water”… but luckily a 13-year-old West Texas boy was saved from a shark attack by his brother at Galveston Beach. This tragic incident only resulted in an injured foot requiring stitches.

10. An update on Texas High school football scores across North Texas. Listen to “Boys of Fall” by Kenny Chesney to grasp the emotions that these players feel when playing under the lights.

11. Texas wine month has begun. Wine connoisseurs get to enjoy Texas-grown grapes and wines made specifically in Texas. Did you know at least 75 percent of Texas wine is produced from grapes grown in Texas and less than 25 percent of American wine is made with Texas grapes?

12. The flu vaccine is now available in Texas. Medical authorities say everyone from the age of 6 months old should be vaccinated this year. The strain of last year’s flu virus will be included in this year’s strain which will make this season’s shot much more effective.

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