Playlist Team: The Beats

By Christen Limbaugh (@x10limbaugh) , Lauren Castle (@lauren_castle) and Matt Sanders (@mattasanders).

1. The Texas Rangers went from worst to first in 2015, and now they are headed to the playoffs as division champions.

2. A deadly crash killed two adults, two children and an unborn child yesterday.

3. Customers asked, and McDonald’s listened. Starting today, all day breakfast will be available to people nationwide.

4. Up next on the playlist is the Beatles’ hit, “Tax Man” which many Texans can relate to right now. Texans will pass an amendment that will lower their property taxes. Property Tax Relief Comes With Big Cost to State.

5. Laura Glading, the President of the American Airlines’ flight attendant union announced that she will resign on December 2. After controversy that included collusion and nepotism, Glading said she will not run for a third term.

6. The anxiously anticipated storm cell  Hurricane Joaquin continues to devastate cities on the East Coast. Like Gnarles Barkley’s song, “Storm Coming” the damage from Joaquin keeps crashing on.

7. Adam Levine chose this lucky Tyler teen, Chance Peña, as his protege. The other judges didn’t believe in him at first, but he probably remembered  Journey’s song “Don’t Stop Believin'” while he climbed to the top.

8. The State Fair of Texas is up and running. It’s time to eat all the fried food possible.

9. Drivers in the DFW area probably think of Rihanna’s angst-filled ballad, “Shut Up and Drive” as they drive on the 10 Most Road-Rage Inducing Highways in DFW.

10. Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas was shut down this morning for the filming of “11/22/63,” starring James Franco. The Hulu mini-series highlights the assassination of John F Kennedy.

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