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This course serves as your humble guide to the rapidly changing universe of online news. The 21st century newsroom requires an audience-centered mindset in which journalists must possess a broad set of multi-platform newsgathering skills and fluency in social media while also upholding the timeless journalistic standards of news judgment, accuracy, fairness and truth. Convergence and interactivity are the prevailing reality in today’s newsrooms, and you will get a strong dose of both in this course.

You will learn how to use social media as a tool for journalistic engagement and self-promotion; gain an understanding of basic Web analytics; try your hand at real-time reporting through live blogging and tweeting; become proficient in the basics of HTML code; shoot and edit digital photos; gather and edit audio to produce multimedia projects and NPR-style audio segments; and create or optimize your own portfolio website as a first step in establishing a personal journalistic brand. You will create high-quality, multi-platform news content and develop a professional Web presence while practicing the core journalistic values that, even in a changing media landscape, remain the industry’s bedrock professional standards.