Class Links

Class 10.1: Tuesday, Oct. 24 (2p class) and Thursday, Oct. 26 (11a class)


Class 9.2: Thursday, Oct. 19


Class 9.1: Tuesday, Oct. 17

Class 8.1: Thursday, Oct. 12

Class 6.1: Tuesday, Sept. 26

Class 5.1: Tuesday, Sept. 19


Class 4.2: Thursday, Sept. 14

  • First aggregation story published! More to come.


Class 4.1: Tuesday, Sept. 12

An example of DISengaged Journalism 🙂

Where Was God in Aurora?

My definition of “engaged journalism

You’re going to see a lot more job postings like this one in the future!


Class 3.2: Thursday, Sept. 7

Jay Rosen’s Ethic of the Link

The New York Times’ blogging standards

More niche blog examples by Digital Journalism students:


Class 3.1: Tuesday, Sept. 5

Niche blog examples by Digital Journalism students


Class 2.2: Thursday, Aug. 31

Our class Twitter list (also on the course blog homepage)

Your professor’s acts of journalism at Super Bowl XLV

L.A. Times example highlighting the difference between print headlines and Web headlines



Class 2.1: Tuesday, Aug. 29

NiemanLab: Snapchat reportedly has more daily users than Twitter. What does that mean for news?

Why Twitter matters to your career, Part 1

Why Twitter matters to your career, Part 2

Why Twitter matters to your career, Part 3


Class 1.2: Thursday, Aug. 24

The “Trash-80” — My first laptop as a journalist.

The Dallas Morning News’ online coverage of the “Miracle on the Hudson” ordeal empowered users with multiple options to experience the story on their own terms.

Why mobile is now my Fifth Pillar:


Class 1.1: Tuesday, Aug. 22

10 basics today’s journalists need

My book — Engaged Journalism: Connecting With Digitally Empowered News Audiences

My fellowship blog — NewsBiz: Tracking Best Practices in the Business of Digital News

Where I spent the 2013-14 academic year — The Texas Tribune



DMN HSJDay: Wednesday, April 5

Final class: Thursday, Dec. 1

Defending the truth in an era of fake news



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