Zoom H4 Tutorial

Part 1 – Get Acquainted With the Zoom

Here’s a basic video tutorial on how to operate the Zoom H4 Recorder. (The foam windscreens have disappeared over the years, so you’ll have to use your charms to convince people you’re not pointing a Taser at them — and be mindful of wind noise if you’re shooting outdoors.)

Part 2 – Check Your Settings

• On the right side of the Zoom, set Input 1 and 2 to “L” and Mic to “H”
• On left side, turn the Zoom on.
• On front of Zoom, press 3 (44.1 kHz). This will record your files in .wav format.
• Press the REC button. It will start flashing. But it is NOT recording yet.
• Plug in your headphones. You’ll hear the sound as it will be recorded and you’ll see the L and R bars reacting to sound in the display. Listen for distracting background noise. Adjust accordingly.
• Point the zoom at your sound source and start recording by pressing the flashing button. A solid red light means that you are recording properly.
• When finished recording, press the button again. The button will go dark.
• Your Zoom display will mark a file number such as STE-001.wav or STE-002.wav
• To listen to your file, toggle the jog button on the right of the Zoom to put the arrow next to your file, then press the jog button in to higlight/select the file.
• Once the file is highlighted, you can press the play button to listen to your file.

Part 3 – Upload Your Clips

When you’ve gathered your audio and are ready to upload your audio clips, watch this YouTube video for an easy, quick tutorial. (Note that you’ll want to rename your files something other than the Zoom default of STE-000, STE-001, etc.)

Part 4 – Clear the Zoom!

• Press the menu button and toggle down to CARD. Press the toggle button in to select CARD.
• Toggle to FORMAT and press the button. When it asks if you’re sure, select FORMAT. Voila!

One Comment

  1. Hey guys

    im using a Zoom H4 to record with Garageband, using the H4 as an audio interface to record live guitar in my bedroom to a metronome etc etc.

    The H4 is recording fine, but when i play back the audio it skips.

    Im very new to home recording and cant find a solution.

    does anyone have an idea whats causing this? I have tried using a H2 and a H4 and have came across the same problem with both devices. Im connecting the H4 through the USB cable…….

    please help!


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